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We provide more choices in toilet partitions, from powder coated steel, stainless steel,

and solid plastic to black core phenolic, plastic laminate and solid surface.

Plus all the restroom accessories you need.

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Sanimerica is a company created for the sole purpose of paying it forward to our customers and team members. With almost ten years in the business, experience continues to prove that a personal one-on-one touch with employees and customers is always better. Add that to superior customer service sprinkle in outstanding value. and voila thats how we instantly create satisfied customers. Whether it's new construction or you are looking to renovate your outdated restroom, Sanimerica gives you more choices and saves you money on your project. We believe we have seen almost every commercial Toilet partition scenario you can throw at us. Let us help you make the right choice. Toilet partitions do more than just add privacy to public washrooms, there’s a constant battle in a building’s bathroom, and finding new ways to keep up with its condition and quality is one of the biggest hurdles that commercial properties face.

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